Health Centers and Hospital Supplies

Our Company focuses on health centers' centralized supply since 1997 and offers end-to-end service for medicaments, dietary supplements, medical materials, and specialized devices. We always prepare a customized product delivery list; hence our tailored made service strategy. We pay attention to maximum speed, flexibility and especially to the quality of realized orders.

Interpharmac, s.r.o. within the IPC holding covers the comprehensive supply of hospitals, polyclinics, homes for the elderly, and other inpatient and medical facilities. For this purpose, we established specialized centers for the coverage of the entire Czech Republic. The supply can also take place from each of the 47 pharmacies throughout the Czech Republic.

This division aims to ensure the needs of medical facilities comprehensively. We provide supplies of medicines and medical supplies, marketing, legal and administrative services. As part of the overall service, we deal with the economic, professional medical, and pharmaceutical aspects.

We offer a completely individual approach to the needs of each client. We provide clients with a wide range of products available on the European Union's entire market, the possibility of individual import of medicinal products, unique supply settings, and the creation of positive lists. We emphasize the minimization of risks, maximizing the effect of good pharmacy and distribution practice. All service is provided in full compliance with current legislation.

International Pharmaceutical Corporation, a.s., LÉKÁRNY ipc and Interpharmac, s.r.o. have been dealing with efficiency and complexity of supply of medical facilities for more than 26 years. Do not hesitate to contact our team of experts - we will find an individual solution for you too!

Břetislav Hromek
Pharmacy a hospital manager
+420 602 244 611